How does Rayst get the company data and statistics?

Public data extraction

We use our internal algorithms to capture and index public data from various websites and apps. The sources include:

  • News articles about new investments
  • Notice from the company websites

Manual human validation

Some of our company data is manually sourced and also validated by the active contributors and Rayst team.

Forecast and estimation

Some of our company data or statistics data is estimated from the trends without raw data.

How accurate is the data?

The accuracy varies a lot depending on which region the website or the company located and how much informations are publicly available.
Rayst only process and display publicly available data and we do not provide any private or exclusive data yet.

How does Rayst identify the technologies used on the website

Database of patterns

We analyze website headers, scripts, metadata, etc, and match the patterns that can be recognized from the technologies that are used.