Introducing Rayst

Introducing Rayst

We're so excited to announce Rayst and early access to our product, the new way to reveal what's behind the web.


There were one thing people always asked anytime we publish a website and that was

  • How did you make it?

We decided to make Rayst to better answer this question.
Until now, the way we get to know about the website is by searching and searching for multiple different queries, digging through the developer panel, et cetera.

Researching new products and companies was kind of a painful process and user experience and yet there wasn't enough information to clearly understand it.

We've got to understand that knowing more about different websites and companies helps us to make better decisions on product design, engineering, marketing, sales, and even investment.


To better improve this process, we maintain three principles for building Rayst:

  • Delightful Experience: How users interact with the product, and the time spent on it is critical when it comes to frequently used tools. We iteratively polish every little interaction.
  • Less is more: There's always a lot more to know about it and too much information is sometimes exhaustive. We aim to keep it simple and easy to digest.
  • Dogfooding: We only make the product and features that are worth using by ourselves.


We're trying to lower the barrier to critical information out of massive noise being created on the internet, suggesting a new layer of insights for today's web.

The first form of the Rayst, is a chrome extension that lets you reveal the company, statistics, and technologies behind the websites.

Let's reveal what's inside the magic of the web, instead of asking.